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SEIKO 6105-8110 150m Diver PROOF
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Been doing some tidying up over the weekend. Here’s my box of assorted Seiko‘s waiting for repair/servicing. No doubt some other people will be able to show HUGE stocks patiently biding their time…..

Come on everyone, time to confess……

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It seems like you are really fond of the Pulsimeters :D(y)

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It seems like you are really fond of the Pulsimeters :D(y)
Not fond enough to have had them all serviced as yet 😀.
I do already have a couple of them in the 7017 Rotation Box that are working nicely though:-

Watch Light Analog watch Clock Font

The ones I like the most are the 7017-6010’s. Followed closely by 6040. Both are elegant, legible and reliable tool watches that are IMO the match of anything in the 6138/9 series…..(and a fraction of the price)…..

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These are leaving for the restorers tomorrow

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Well you did ask 😂...
Beside the bed...
Watch Light Product Clock Table

On the chest of drawers...
Watch Tableware Rectangle Clock Watch accessory

On top of the PC...
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font

On top of a speaker beside the PC...
Watch Analog watch Clock Wood Gauge

Watch box 1...
Watch Gauge Gas Analog watch Eyewear

Watch box 2...
Light Automotive lighting Box Auto part Gas

Watch box 3...
Watch Analog watch Light Product Black

Citizen SkyHawk Eco-drive.. currently back in the box to see if the movement really does shutdown and the hands go back to reference if it's been in darkness for 7 days. Only 5 days so far...
Hat Cap Tints and shades Electric blue Cylinder

And a Scurfa Diver One... I bought and never fell in love with :(
It'll go on the Trading Post or eBay someday..
Automotive tire Wood Automotive wheel system Auto part Circle

The sad thing is... there's probably another couple of watches somewhere I've forgotten about....
Thank you for listening..
My name is Graham I am a watch addict

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This one only comes out once a year on "charitable donation company matches your donation up to $3000" day.

This one comes out every February 28th.

Every once it in a while it makes a cameo situation relevant.

This one only comes out once a year on a certain date.

Fliphousewarming gift from my local watchmaster comes out every one in a while.

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