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Here is a thread that I ran a long time ago and thought it might be interesting to do again. I thought it would be interesting to see people's different ideas of what the top 10 models every collector of Japanese watches should have (notice I didn't say only seiko or only divers), AND WHY.

It will be interesting to see what you list and the reason you give for it.

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Here is my list of the top 10 watches I think every Japanese watch collector should include in his collection (both vintage and modern pieces):

  • Citizen Nighthawk. IMHO one of the single most original and handsome designs ever made by Citizen, and a perfect example of eco-drive technology.
    Classic Casio G-shock. Any model number, but I'm talking abut the square cased, no nonsense classic style G's.
    Citizen NY0040 - a perfect example of of modern citizen auto diver skill.
    Seiko 6309-7040/9 - What collection is complete without one?
    Seiko Tuna Can - either the modern SBBN007 or the old 7145 (if you can afford one). Truly a unique piece with tons of history.
    Seiko monster - for the same reason as the 6309, it is a class defining piece that will probably have a huge following for decades to come.
    Seiko Sumo - the watch that marked seiko's return to very high grade affordable diver. As I see it it is the modern inheritor of the 6309/6306 divers.
    Seiko 6138 chrono. any model is fine. the showcase here is the movement - and to think that seiko made these 30 + years ago for a fraction of the price it costs Rolex to make and sell the same type of movement today.
    Citizen Aqualand diver. Go classic or go with the modern asymmetrical ones. if for no other reason than Aqualands are the best and most popular real world dive watches in use around the world. while high end dive watch collectors are arguing about HRV's, Aqualands are on divers wrists doing what they were designed to do.
    Modern base SKX seiko diver in the 0020/9 case. Pick one, any one. they are all perfect examples of the modern seiko dive watch.
Now I know I said ten, but since I'm a huge seiko fan, I have to give an honorable mention to the old and underappreciated 7002 divers, the old 6105's (8000's in my case). I would also LOVE to see a modern version of the old Twisted, Asymmetrical, Motorist models. Lastly I think the Big Casio ABC's are in a class all their own and any one of them should find a home in a good collection.

So what would you guys recommend? AND WHY!

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Great Thread Gabe.
Ok here we go.

1,Citizen Aqualand
2,Seiko MM
3,Seiko Sumo
4,Seiko Samurai
5,Seiko 6105
6,Seiko 6309
7,Seiko Tuna SBBN007
8,Seiko skx007
9,Seiko Sawtooth
10,Citizen Aqualand 20th anniversary

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I'm at work so I'll put in a few and maybe edit later

Seiko SKX diver
Citizen 2100
Seiko 6309
Seiko 6105
Seiko Sumo
Seiko Samurai
Orient 300m
Orient revolver
Orient Mako or Dolphin
Damn that 9 already?!!
A Citizen PM56 with a perp cal

Its not gonna be complete with only 10 lol

Seiko Boss
Man I'm forgetting some but that,s it for now :p

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OK, I'll try....the reasons why are my sole personal taste and love for the watches listed below:

1- CITIZEN Ecozilla (any version of the 300m one);
2- SEIKO Tuna (any version, current or vintage; 300m, 600m or 1000m; auto or quartz);
3- ORIENT Star 300M SAT Diver;
4- CASIO AMW-320R;
5- CITIZEN Aqualand classic;
6- SEIKO 6309-7040(9);
7- CASIO G-Shock DW-5000 and DW-5500 (or their respective reissues);
8- SEIKO H558-5009 "ARNIE";
9- SEIKO Marine Master;
10- CASIO MQD-3000W or MD-703

Edit to replace the 6105 for the Arnie. Geez, how could I forget one of my grails??! :(

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Isthmus said:
It will be interesting to see what you list and the reason you give for it.
Here's my list, Gabe, with a few pics for illustration.

1) Seiko 6309-7040 One of the classic Seiko designs in a great cushion case. Parts are readily available if you want one restored to like new condition, or if you want a mod.

[b]2) Seiko SBDX001 MarineMaster 300[/b] It's their top of the line mechanical diver. It cannot truly be appreciated until you have it on your wrist. Awesome monocoque case and ratcheting bracelet clasp.


[b]3) Seiko 6139 chrono[/b] It has a legitimate stake to the claim that it's the first automatic chronograph movement ever. The 6139-6002 is documented as the first automatic chronograph in space.


[b]4) Seiko SKX781K[/b] "Orange Monster" Not necessarily a great movement, but arguably the most popular Seiko diver of the internet era.


[b]5) Seiko SBDC001[/b] "Sumo" Seiko's incredibly successful effort to put a hacking, handwinding auto movement in a reasonably priced diver

Picture/Bob Makus

[b]6) Citizen Promaster diver, either 300, 800, or 1300[/b] Citizen produced these quartz divers in the 80s and early 90s. At the time of its production, the 1300 had the greatest depth rating of any commercially produced dive watch. All three are very rare finds.


[b]7) Citizen Mission Antarctica[/b] Citizen's macho looking and increasingly hard to find Eco-Drive diver. You have to have an Eco-Drive on your list.

Picture/Chris Moy

8 ) Seiko H558 "Arnie" How many watches get nicknames? Well, OK, it seems like everyone wants to nickname every new Seiko. But not many watches are nicknamed after a former action hero/current governor. These are tough to find in good condition now.

Picture/"Valvestem", WUS

[b]9) Alba Manta Ray[/b] Maybe one of the most underrated divers on the 'net, and proof that Seiko doesn't cut corners at their sub-brands.


[b]10) Casio MD-703[/b] You should have a shrouded diver on your list. Anyone could buy a Tuna. Try finding one of these Casios in good shape. If Casio hadn't developed the G-Shock, maybe this line would have evolved into something really interesting.



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In no particular order for me so.........

[list type=decimal]
4006-6002 quality and good looks no collection should be with out at least a couple of Belles.
4005-7000 again quality movement, "rare" and date only so a nice clean dial.
4006-7010 The Business Belle again "rare" :) with just that "thing" you must have if a collector ;)
6105-811X A iconic diver that looks the business and feels it as well.
6309-704X How could any Japanese collection not have a 6309 ???
Any of the Rally diver series as they just look great IMO.
A sumo has to be in there some were, again great looks and really good value IMO
The H558 Arnie, great tool watch.
The MM apart from a Sumo the MM is about the only new Seiko i desire and i think it would make a great replacement for my favourite watch of all time (RS) the only scary thing could be that perhaps i wouldent ever desire another watch of any sort ever again ( that would nark Dirty Harry) :))
As a good looking modern versatile piece i think the Citizen Sky Hawks and Night Hawks take some beating.
I would also have just the odd 30 or 40 cueing up here to get in my top ten :))

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It's interesting that you were thinking of this in terms of models, Gabe, where as I have thought of it in terms of classes of watch (chronos; divers) or movement/era combinations. My incomplete list might look like this:

1) An early diver (6105 family)
2) an '80s/'90s diver (6303/9; 7002 depending on your aesthetic tastes)
3) an early chrono, like one of the late '60s one-buttons
4) a couple of the "golden age" chronos from the '70s (one 6138 and one 6139, for example)
5) one of the classic 6119s from the '70s (great movement, amazing designs. I have an orange sushi roll and a blue 6023, both have the internal rotating timer and are marked "70m", but another person might prefer a rally diver, etc.)
6) a Bellmatic (I prefer the larger ones like the 6020/30, but also like the more elegant dress styles (wish I'd kept my 7000)

Based on personal preferences, a collector may also want one of the Seiko "field"watches, like the Alpinist or Landmaster, Credor or GS, a Citizen Aqualand, or Campanola, one of a number of Casios, or many, many others (I have a soft spot for the '60s Sportsmatics and the early '70s Seiko 7000-series dress watches w/the beads-of-rice bracelet, for instance). The great thing about Seiko and Citizen (also Omega and Tissot among Swiss brands) is that they have a history of a wide variety of really great designs, from conservative to hip and from chronos to divers, so anyone can figure out there own niche and explore it in depth, or have 1-2 examples of many different design families. I even know one strange guy who only collects Bellmatics.....! ;D

Couple of pics:


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Here is the TOP 10 on my list........all Divers 8)

I'll start with the 7 that I currently own ;D

SBDX011 1000m Auto Tuna........Seiko's biggest baddest auto diver ever...period!!!

SBBN011 1000m Quartz Tuna "Darth Tuna"......Seiko's best quartz diver.

SBDB001 Spring Drive 600m far the most accurate watch I own +1 sec in 3 months!

SBDX001 300m Marine Master.....It's an AWESOME DIVER.



H558-5009 "Arnie" I love this watch ;D it was my daily wearer 20+ years

Next on my short list

SBDC007 "Shogun" Dia-Shield Ti w/ minimal polished parts......yes I'll swap out the Monster hands for MM.

SBBN015 300m Tuna....I miss my 007...but... I like the 015 soooo much more.

Last but not least....I really want a chronograph,
SRQ009 Ananta Ti Auto Chronograph.......or SBDS001 Flight Master Auto Chronograph

There ya go..... my top 10'ish ;D


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I like the Isthmus list but would knock off the Citizen NY or Sumo (both very good picks) and put a nice dress watch on there. A Orient Star or Sarb021 (any SARB) or a old King Seiko, leaning toward the Sarb or Orient Star as I like the size and they are easier to find.

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Great topic!

1) A vintage Grand Seiko, 4522-8000 is a good choice. Great HW movemnt with SPEEDY date change.

2) A modern GS, prefarably Spring Drive powered, the SBGE001 is an ICON:

3) THE Seiko Diver, 6159-7000, this one is my birth (year and month) watch from June -68

4) 6138-0011, typical 70s with a great movement.

5) No collection is complete without a King Seiko, here the re-issue from Y2K

6) 62MAS, no explanation needed.

7) A dress watch. Why not in the form of a 70s King Quartz, fun shapes and colors. Inexpensive.

VIII) A 4843 powered Grand Quartz. These are quite big, both diameter and thickness and look good.

9) A 9943 powered Twin Quartz Grand Quartz for the precision (+/10s a year in the 70s!!)

10) One that I do not have yet. A GS 3180 (or the 120 Anniversary model) preferably in platinum (SS "service" version below).

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