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A few weeks back I received a package at work, I recognised it as a “Tiger package” instantly, but wasn’t expecting anything.
Inside was a very mint 7002 7039 sample case, with dial and hands.

Ive installed a movement, which I had been keeping for something decent, the crown has no stem, but I had a NOS crown and stem, and ive fitted a Yobokies bezel insert.
The insert isn’t quite correct, as it should have a smaller pip.
End result, one almost new 7002 7039, And a huge thankyou to a very generous Tiger

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That turned out really nice Ivor :clap::clap: and thank you, but...........sorry I can't take any credit for that as I did a little trade with Jason(Jason1970M) and as always when trading with Jason I get the better part of the deal :) so the sample case was actually from Jason and he was happy that I passed it onto Ivor (knowing he was into the 7002s) so thanks Jason :clap::clap::clap:
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