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Very Nice Finishing Touch. I agree w/SKX most of the time it was the Crown Gasket, ;) O0 on the 6105-800X Randall Rebuilt Both 811X and 800X

Jack also, it appeared to be , having the proper size gasket and /w the 800X a bit more testy to install.

Even after having, Randall, Jack, and Pete, Matter of fact Ken S also Servicing 6105s Full service I personally have no need to
bring them to Water, outside of RAIN or Dishes.

Recently a Watchmaker mentioned to me, about the SHOWER, he said it was not the WATTER so much, as the Hot Temperatures
effects on the Gaskets? or Movement? I am not sure, but it made enough sense to stop wearing my Vintage Watches in the Shower.

I have read many times and have friends that seem to have NO Negative effects from the Shower, so I don't know.

I have just gotten in the habit of removing my watch. O0

I Would love to hear thoughts on this Matter. Thanks
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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