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What a difference a crystal makes - 6105-8110

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I first introduced my two 6105-8110's in the first day or two of the new forum.
Finally I've managed to put aside some money for a service on the first one. Picked her up on Friday (3 week service time) and made the pain of forking out for repairing an incontinent cooling system on my car half an hour earlier a distant memory.
Here are a selection of pics mostly taken over the last couple of days.

As originally posted last month, shortly after purchase, with younger version on the Waffle.

Prior to going in for the service

As received back on Friday. New crystal from jmk500 on the bay, service by Official Seiko centre for Queensland, Time Factors Nato strap

Wrist shot Saturday morning, after timekeeping my Daughter's hockey matches

(Failed) Attempt at avoiding reflections of my camera (in the plastic storage box)

The original crystal. Impossible to capture the scratches now but clearly visible in earlier picture. Maybe I should stick it on the front of my camera as it seems to bring things into focus

Today's pics as I had the camera recharged at 10 past 10.

Service cost AUS $220 - service, seals (advised not water resitant though), case ring, 2x barrel jewels +$20 to fit the crystal and NATO strap I supplied.
This was the one previously owned by a Search & Rescue, US Navy Aircrewman so I will recontact him and show him the pics and hopefully get a few tales of its previous exploits.

The service does seem expensive to me, but was the official Seiko list price. I was hoping the watchmaker may have come out for a bit of a chat when I picked it up but he only yelled out to the young lad behind the counter who was trying to find my watch.
I have been advised of a cheaper watchmaker a couple of hours drive up the coast (I've dropped an Omega in to him to see how things go).
I already know that many of you will be dissapointed by the lack of any water resistance. How many watchmakers offer full water resistance and what $ would I be looking at?

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts looks brand new!

Maybe they just didn't pressure test it thinking who in their right mind would take a 30 year old watch into the water. :-\
That looks a picture, a new crystal (or restored) improves a watch 100% IMO, thats a really a nice 6105.

ps: Do you want to sell your old crystal ?

pps: I was speaking to a Rolex trained watchmaker last year who has been in business for 40 years and he said the biggest bain in his life (watch wise) is water proofing a watch, even if done correctly and tested fully he still can't and won't give a garantee as too water proof because of all the guys who "forget" to screw in the crown etc after adjusting the time, he said it still sends cold shivers down his back when water proofing is mentioned :'(
Huge improvement :-\ it looks great 8)

I would just get it pressure tested , 10 bar minimum, if it passes your good to go ;)

The big problem with these to get them water resistant is the crown gasket. You can replace the crystal gasket and case back gasket, but the crown gasket was not designed to be replaced, you're suppposed to replace the entire crown. I had mine done by Randall Benson, not cheap but if you want it sealed it's the only way.
Very Nice Finishing Touch. I agree w/SKX most of the time it was the Crown Gasket, ;) O0 on the 6105-800X Randall Rebuilt Both 811X and 800X

Jack also, it appeared to be , having the proper size gasket and /w the 800X a bit more testy to install.

Even after having, Randall, Jack, and Pete, Matter of fact Ken S also Servicing 6105s Full service I personally have no need to
bring them to Water, outside of RAIN or Dishes.

Recently a Watchmaker mentioned to me, about the SHOWER, he said it was not the WATTER so much, as the Hot Temperatures
effects on the Gaskets? or Movement? I am not sure, but it made enough sense to stop wearing my Vintage Watches in the Shower.

I have read many times and have friends that seem to have NO Negative effects from the Shower, so I don't know.

I have just gotten in the habit of removing my watch. O0

I Would love to hear thoughts on this Matter. Thanks
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Remarkable transformation! Congrats!
nhoJ said:
Maybe they just didn't pressure test it thinking who in their right mind would take a 30 year old watch into the water.
Certainly not me. I know Galpo had his pressure tested and said
Galpo said:
If it can't swim, what's the point? ;D
I thought there were a few others too.

TheTigerUK said:
ps: Do you want to sell your old crystal ?
Sorry Tiger. I'm going to keep the crystal as I think it is original and hopefully I can find out in the future how to get the scratches polished out.

spring-diver said:
I would just get it pressure tested , 10 bar minimum, if it passes your good to go
Thanks Shannon. I've still got a lot to learn especially about pressure testing. Just found out that there are dry and wet tests and I think that the movement has to come out on the dry test (?). Doubt I'd have the confidence to go for a wet test and if it passed a dry test who's to say that after the movement was replaced that there wasn't a problem with the seals? I could be way off the mark though ::) .

SKX and Seikozen, thanks for the comments. Where is the best place to read up about Randall's work? His name is always coming up but I don't actually know anything about him I'm afraid.
Is the Pete that you mentioned WatchBizPete over here in Australia?

JohnN said:
Remarkable transformation! Congrats!
I think someone else is going to have another transformation to show off in the not too distant future ;D
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