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I wouldn't worry jringo about being labled a senior member. We have only been on this forum for 6 months or so. The fact that you have given more help to others than a lot of long term members ever have or will should speak volumes about you as a person and a valuable member of this community. I thought the offer you made to help folk out with this horrible Global Shipping Program that eBay run from the American website was totally selfless and some thing that the SCWF should be proud and grateful that a 'short term' member has offered out of the goodness of their heart. It just shows what a great community this is on the whole. I have been a professional clock guy for over 10 years now and if I had received the help you have offered in my line of work, my life as a clock restorer would have been a lot easier I can tell you. Most professional watch and clock guys are arseholes! They look down their noses at you, thinking they are better than you and they 'never' offer help or advice to anybody. I have found this is far from the truth with this forum and some of the best work I have ever seen has come from amateurs on here! The SCWF should be happy you are a willing member. This is a great forum and a fantastic bunch of guys, and girls no doubt although I am yet to meet a girlie on here, and in my humble opinion it should embrace guys like you who are willing to put themselves out in the name of the SCWF community.

Me I'm a useless git who is opinionated and often wrong but to date I have only seen good help, info and a happy nature from you and I applaud you and thank you most sincerely. Who cares how many times you reply when your being helpful! I sure don't! and I hope more of us can take a leaf out of your book and offer our help and time so willingly.

1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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