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Congrat's John on the Collection

They look good all set up in their new home. I bet you
never thought you would get like the rest of us.:s_laugh:
Now you have those you can start again to make that
collection larger. :57:
Well being on here will get you there and then you can
post a larger picture of more.:72::13:
Its been a good time to see you get involved with all this
and in your getting of many that you have now.
I say congrat's to you and will keep watch you
............... " GO FOR IT ". :hee20hee20hee:
You will do good because these folks will help you get more
than you need and then you can sit back and just look at them
in the new watch box
you are going have to by very soon. :bravo_2::clap:

Its a pleasure to help you along with some things.
Aloha and keep getting them ............ John.

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Very well spoken , Sir

I think "Senior Member" means someone who starts out by listening, learning, paying attention to the current "Senior Members", and when they have come off of the bench after being a redshirt freshmen they are ready to share and contribute useful and constructive posts to discussions and help out those who do not know the answer.

Senior member is not some automatic designation you get because some forum software says you are by post count fluffing.

I have been around since 2002 since the good old days of Network 54 and think I have earned my newb or can't tell time or whatever the software wants to deem me as and have seen many "Senior Members" and experts leave because of nonsense and irrelevant dribble being posted over the years.
You are a Man of much insight and knowledge and information given also
as many come through the Forum. You have contributed much and I for one have found that these words you have spoken have told a lot of truth.
Its the true and honest individual that has made the Forum continue to
grow and proceed into what it is today. Many have come to learn and get
much results from being on here and I would say carried it out into the everyday also in their life time. Knowledge is free if one wants it, but having others give out, then take it in, now that's a .............
" True Profitable Benefit ".
Like the good book says: Let the one that has the ear's to hear
what is being said, let them hear and do it.

Thank you Sir for being who you are and what you have given to us in many ways, and all that you have said as being a Veteran Member of such a great Forum like this one.

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He thats a point for old Guy's too

Tiger , at least many still remember a lot about it, that's where the conversation gets good.
When spoken off, it starts a ZING way down there and the old Memory
Chip gets some power back.
Its the ZING that start's chip that starts it all over again and now the motion
has to be started up to .......... " Go Get It Done again ".

But when one reaches there one hears this all over again............
" Man I sure got a Big Headache " and " I really don't fell Like It " and " What For ".

The chip goes back now into the holder until the next ZING comes back.
Before its noticed again ....... " Ten Years Have Gone By ".
So the discussion's keep going on and more ..........." ZING'S " come up

A Beautiful Gorgeous Women once said ........... " What's Love Got to Do With It ".
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