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Well here is a good question..changing day and date position..

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well i am finishing a mod and my movement is setup for the 3 o'clock position...and need to be at 4 o'clock...i am told the wheels are different...but can that be...i can not see anything here on the forum to confirm it not adjusting them?...any help will be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance John
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The day wheel rotates in 25.7 deg steps (360 / 14).
The date wheel rotates in 11.6 deg steps (360 / 31).
When you change the movement position from crown-at-3 to crown-at-4 you are rotating it by 30 degs (360 / 12). This means the day and date wheels will no longer align with the window at 3 since neither 25.7 nor 11.6 are factors of 30.
For the 6309 Seiko made two versions of each wheel, one for each movement position. i just change the wheels and that is all i need to do?..thank you so much...that really helps...John
Not wishing to muddy the waters here, as Feca's explanation was excellent- but just checking it's not a 7S2x movement we're talking about.
7S's use a date wheel that's the same for 3 O' and 4 O' crowns, which is actually 3:18ish /23.2 degrees .
There are true 4 O'clock 7S's - such as the Spork , S-waves and some very new models, but they're few and far between.
it is a 6309a movement...thanks for help i just need to get pics of the stem and sort that out and it will be done..
hey i am looking at a 7s36..does this mean that a 3 o'clock one will work?...i found a new one ...i am told that the 7s36 just has extra jewels i think by you if memory serves me...thanks again John
Date wheels on a 3 o'clock and 3:18 7s36 are the same , the day wheel is not. Yes, the 36 is a slightly better movement as it has two extra jewels (end caps) - but it has in total, four different jewels than those from the 26.
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