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Hi Everyone.

The SCWF Owners and Staff wish to extend to all our warmest welcome to the new home of the Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum!

If you are reading this, then you have noticed the the old familiar SCWF has experienced a few changes. ;)

The new SCWF seeks to continue the many years of work done by fellow members, collecting and documenting the many different aspects of Japanese horology. As before, our guiding philosophy remains that of being a forum written primarily by collectors for the benefit of collectors, not the interests of commercial sponsors. Despite the new look, those distinctive SCWF hallmarks of camaraderie, humor, light moderation, mutual help and sharing of knowledge and expertise, will continue to define the character of our forum.

Our new software should improve your forum experience by giving you a much more modern, feature packed, flexible and easier to use interface. Some of the new features which we think you will enjoy are:

  • The ability to send personal messages to other members from within the forum (no more problems reaching other members).
    The ability to sticky topics.
    A full rich text editor that works on all major browsers (not just IE), that allows you to post formatted text and deeplink images without having to use BBC or Html codes (you can still use them if you want to) Just copy and paste.
    The ability to report problematic posts and PM's directly to the SCWF Staff.
    The ability to upload attachments (documents, PDF's or images) directly to the forum servers and display them as thumbnails under your post.
    The ability to include polls in your posts.
    The ability to track threads using RSS feeds or e-mail notices.
    The ability to see who is online.
    And many more features.
To familiarize yourself with the new forum software, please read through the forum's FORUM USER GUIDE for detailed instructions, or use the HELP tab at the top of every page for a quick (read, not as detailed or complete) reference guide.

Our new software has also allowed us to make some basic, and hopefully helpful, forum format changes:

  • We have made information easier to access and catalog by grouping archived materials into easy to navigate theme-specific forum sections, which we hope you will find useful and will contribute to (please feel free to navigate the old Network54 site and the SCWF mirror for old posts and materials which you would like to see us include in our archives).
    We have included a reviews section so that our members can write their impressions of watches they have experienced, so that others may benefit from their knowledge.
    We have expanded and subdivided our trade forum into sections which we hope will make listing and finding those items you are seeking or selling, easier.
    We have created a new forum store dedicated to providing you easy access to horological supplies and SCWF branded accessories (any moneys collected will be used to finance the forum's maintenance and operations - SCWF is not a for profit business)
    We have created a links section to other sites which we think you might wish to visit.
    Lastly,we have expanded discussion to intentionally promote the discussion of Casio products, and have also included a section where members may post about their non-Japanese watches. Do keep in mind that the forum will remain focused on Japanese watches and this new non-Japanese watch section will not receive any forum sponsored reference material support.
Most of these new features and sections will be available once the forum has opened, while some others will be added gradually after the forum goes live. Keep an eye out for new features!

Before posting, please take the time to familiarize yourselves with the SEIKO & CITIZEN WATCH FORUM POSTING RULES and with the additional SEIKO & CITIZEN TRADING POST RULES (should you wish to post on the Trading Post).

Lastly, please note that in order to verify that the posters are not automated spam-bots, the system will require that you enter a system supplied verification code for your first 5 posts and first 5 personal messages. After your 5th post and PM the system will no longer ask you to enter a verification code.

Thank you so much to all who provided feedback on what you would like to see from the SCWF and especially to the many of you who worked so hard to make this new site happen. Thank you for sticking with us through the years. We hope that you enjoy our new home.

Welcome Aboard!

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