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I had a customer bring me a Columbia watch with a glass with a crack in the side of it.
The watch has a sensor for altimeter etc.
I took the back off and it looked like if I took the movement out to get at the glass I'd ruin the sensor.
Talking to a watchmaker friend he said the same and I'd have to write the watch off (hunting the net was fruitless parts wise).
I asked him about carefully smashing the glass out from the front. He said no.

I said to my customer that doing it from the front was the only option and that it would be all responsibility:undecided:

I did it - small hammer, short blows....:undecided:

Esslinger had the right sized glass - 36.5 x 2mm.

It arrived today. The glass and case are so big and thick they wouldn't fit in my glass press so I used another method to fit it....pushing it in on a book.

:) It fits as well as the original and doesn't leak = win/win (at last).


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:iagree:, with POLLYC, thats what it is Mike.
Its when we put or mind to do something, being very careful,
observing things, and accomplishing them.
Its know as the .......... " Tricks of many Trades ".
A lot of improvising does work in many areas at times, and
in many a dong. Thats why they call it that. One will be surprized
at times just what can be used and to get things done.
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