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Wearing my KMRHW today. (Kelly M. Rayburn Homage Watch) :-D >>>

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Hi folks,

Inspired in my early WISdom by a custom watch made by the inestimable Kelly M. Rayburn, I had this watch created from a Seiko SKX171.

Click for Big Image

It is a Seiko SKX171, with a fully polished case and bezel, a Bill Yao "MOD" dial and hands (think Omega Seamaster 300), along with a polished black chapter ring, sapphire crystal and shiny Hadley-Rome Navitimer bracelet.

It's what a dive watch fanatic wears to the symphony. :grin:

- Thomas
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Cool Thomas, I didn't know a SKX171 shiny bezel can do some wonders to the overall appearance !
Really like that. Very clean with stunning contrasts. Well done.
Thank you...


Thank you gentlemen,

As you can see, I was well inspired by Kelly's watch:

I just went with a shiny black chapter ring and full polish. :sleep:

- Thomas
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Nicely done. You'll be the talk of the town at Music Hall.
Bling Bling.

Do they still say that nowadays? :93:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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