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Authored by Samanator

Several people have sent me PMs with questions about modifying and fitting watchadoo bracelets to monsters. Here are some of the details from my replies.

As we know the monster uses a 20mm bracelet. The actual bracelet end is 20 mm while the first link is 22.5mm in width. So if a 20mm Watchadoo is fitted to a monster it will actually be skinnier then the standard monster bracelet. From claims on this forum this seems to be a more comfortable set up for wrist sizes smaller than 7" (Not my claim but others). To get a watchadoo that is closer to the standard monster bracelet the 22mm needs to be used. This requires that approximately 1mm must be removed from the end link on each side (see photos) to fit in the watch (may actually be a little more to allow it to slip in). I have a photo of the 22mm watchadoo sitting on top of the standard monster bracelet (White). It measures exactly 22mm so the standard monster bracelet is a little wider (.5mm). One other thing I discover is moving to the 24mm buys you nothing. In the picture my Ocean 7 LM-7 has a 24mm watchadoo. When the 22mm bracelet is set over it we find that the bracelets are the same. I measured this to confirm and actually fit the 22 to the 24 end link. So the only difference between a 22mm and a 24mm watchadoo in the end link is 2mm wider on the 24mm bracelet. So no additional width is gained by using a 24mm verses a 22mm.

One other thing, the clasp from either a watchadoo 22mm or a 22mm seiko bracelet like a super oyster or the new bracelet that Harold has are completely interchangeable. So If you have a Seiko with a watchadoo you can fit the Seiko logo clasp to it so it now appears to be a Seiko logo bracelet. The reverse of this is if you are using a Seiko bracelet on another brand of watch if you use the watchadoo clasp it is now a brandless bracelet (See Orient Star photo). Having mixed brands logos on the same watch is a pet peeve of mine.

22mm fitting to monster

22mm Watchadoo over Standard Monster bracelet

22mm comparison to 24mm Watchadoo (24mm on Ocean 7 LM-7)

22mm Seiko clasp to fit to watchadoo

Watchadoo clasp fit to Orient Star 200mm with Seiko bracelet

Hope this helps answer some questions.

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So what you recommend is removing the end links from the bracelet and gently filing about 1mm off each end, correct? How easy is this to do with a small file on stainless steel. It's some pretty tough stuff. Do you clamp the end link in a vise or other tool to steady it while you file?
The way I did it was mark what need to come off and cut close to it (Without going all the way to the line and taking too much off) with a dremel if you have one or file if you do not. I use a drill press vice to hold the end link with tape around the link. I draw a center line in the link and also put a piece of tape in between the lugs on the case with a center mark to provide guidance for centering the end link. From there I take a few passes on each side with a flat file and check it for center and fit until it slips in without friction and stop there. Be sure not to make it overly short that it will slide from side to side on the spring pin. It will be a slow process so be prepared for this and do not rush it. The metal is pretty hard so it will take a while to get it to the correct reduced length.
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