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Hello Folks

I picked up a pair of these from an auction website at a snip, then started looking into the features.

Was shocked to see some of the high end one running into the thousands!

The basic ones do not give you the option to change direction of rotation or control the duration of operation.

Those that operate continually would exceed the suggested TPD and put additional tension onto the mainspring which would not be a good thing !

I do not know if watches have a built in mechanism to prevent them from over winding?

Be good to hear your thoughts......

Here's a table for SEIKO and a link to other brands.




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I am sure this topic will be highly debated and not sure there is a right or wrong answer. My opinion is watch winders are bad unless you are rotating a few watches for daily wear every week. Let me put it to you this way. Would you go out to your garage and turn you car engine on and leave it running perpetually. The engine will wear out prematurely. Running it all the time puts unnecessary wear on the mechanism. Nothing wrong with letting a watch stop and re-staring it other than the inconvenience of having to wind it occasionally. Again, other factors at play here such as frequency of service intervals etc.
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