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watch servicing advice

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I have 2 pieces, a 6309-7040 and a 7c43 prof diver, that I am considering having completely overhauled/serviced by an expert watchmaker.

The 6309 is an aftermarket piece, but even so it has grown on me and the accuracy has been quite something. Sadly the dial seems to sweated a bit from the centre, for lack of a better description, and so there is a fine puddle like stain if you look carefully. The lume is also non-existant.
I would like the movement serviced anyway, the dial replaced (I have another dial) and possibly hands/dial relumed. Any imperfections on the case/crown repaired. All gaskets replaced and pressure tested. Maybe even a new crystal.

On the 7c43, I would want service, obligatory battery change, maybe a case refinish, relume, all gaskets replaced and a pressure test.

Sadly this work is probably not going to be cheap (for me anyway), and therein lies my dilemma - should I spend all that money on these 2 watches?
And if so who would you recommend I ask to do the work?

Or, should I rather hold onto the money the money. Both of these pieces are still working, so maybe I should just leave well enough alone and either worry about it when they fail or just put them in the desk drawer then and save towards my grail and maybe buy a SBCM023 as an interim step.

Look forward to your advice.

Best regards.
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Save some money for a new purchase, in case the estimate for the two fixer-uppers add up to too much money.
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