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So the seller says they are from Florida, description for all three watches is less then 10 words. Pictures show three 6139, -6002, -6012, and -8021
I have really wanted a -6002, and figured that my odds where that one of the watches would be in working order, and the other two would be projects, or parts. The price was right for 1 of the watches in excellent condition, maybe a little high for three projects, only time will tell.
There were no other watchers listed on the auction, the seller had it listed for a short 2 day auction that ended at 3am local time.
So placed the bid, and went to bed.
Woke up in the morning owning 3 6139
Got them yesterday, and it had been an international package from further south then Florida. Had a few minutes last to review and tinker.
The -6002 was the one I was most interested in, so pulled that one out. The Start/Stop button was working, but the flyback was not. Opened up the back, and saw one of the springs was not anchored where it should be. But it back, closed up the watch and put it on. Worked well, all chrono functions work. Has enough reserve to keep time over night. Will call it a winner now.

Crystal is good with no scratches, I am going to guess a replacement. The face is solid but I think it might be a replacement, and the hands look about the same age as the face. the inner bezel has some hick-ups when rotating but there is aged lume at 12 o'clock so it might be original. the Date is tilting down and not straight. The tachy is scratched up, but it doesn't look like a sticker.

The next is the -8021. I had tried to look up info about this watch before placing the bid, but there little there. I was wondering if the group could give me more info on it. I used the date engine and it is the earliest of the 3, from 1969. The problem I see is that the movement stops unless the chrono is active. Took off the back, and the balance wheel(?) would stop, but when I pushed the start/stop it would start beating again. I think I read this is common, something to do with the Clutch mech. on the chrono (?)
But the bonus is that the wife likes the look and bracelet so she has adopted it for know. This looks to be a inexpensive bracelet that is trying to imitate something else, is there a name to this style of bracelet?
I rate this, condition TBD, but bonus as wife likes it.

The last is the -6012. The second hand is there but you cannot see it. The push buttons are not working, the flyback doesn't do anything. The face seems to move toward the crown when you pull out stem. The bracelet looks to be original and it good condition, so bonus there.

I had not really had time to look more as I had to run. I rate this the bottom, and a project.

Overall I am happy with what I got for what I spend. I have a watch I am wearing now, a watch my wife will wear, and a project. This would be my first attempt at fettering a watch, I am sure there are easier watches to start on, but if I can get the -6012 up and running, then I should be able to keep the -6002 and -8021 going as well.

Any input on condition, concerns and suggestion would be appreciated.

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Thanks for the replies.
I was going to ask about setting day/date
On the -6002 when I push in a little, the date changes, and push in harder the day and date change
on the other two I have been unable to get them to change
Should they all change like the -6002?

For the correct crown for the -6002 would I be able to take them from the other's? Swap out stem and crown from one of the others?

The NSA bracelet listed is the same as on the watch, same writing on the buckle.
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