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Wanted Urgently

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I need to find a Genuine Crown to suit my Seiko 5717-8990 which is presently with Peter Kuhn ( petewatch) for service etc.
I would like to appeal to anyone that may know of someone that can help me to let me know

Thank you
Western Australia
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Hi George, Boley in Germany list the crown 60W01N on their site - . I know it's a bit far from you but maybe as a last resort ay!. If you use the "easy referenz" on the website - it's easy to find (Krone = Crown), cheers ,Dave.
Thanks a lot Dave for your effort greatly appreciated, did find the crowns but not that one, but that could just be me, i think they may be non genuine as well.
I should have included Genuine in my wanted ad.

i am also looking for a 5717 silver dial, any forumer has ideas where to buy ?
Hi George, maybe you misunderstood my post- you have to input your watch case/movement number into the Seiko box after clicking on "Easy Referenz" then click the magnifying glass next to it - this then shows the available parts for this watch, then click the "plus in a magnifier" symbol under the "referenz" header, this gives you the two available parts - glas and krone . I believe 60W01N is the Seiko part # ( you didn't specify gold or white crown).
Thanks to all for your help it is really great to know help is there when you need it, then again that's what forum members are all about, anyway our good friend Jonathan came to the rescue and so i have a Crown on it's way

Perth Western Australia :) :) :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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