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I stopped into the newly opened Seiko Boutique on Madison Ave at 53rd St in New York City today. Very nice employees, very accommodating, nice upscale vibe. Read on and then go see it understanding it is not a copy cat of all the Swiss makers' corporate Boutiques.

Great job by Seiko Marketing incorporating a touch screen display on the wall where you can swipe your way around Seiko breakthrough technologies, Seiko timeline and historical moments including the founding of various Swiss watch makers for comparison, an homage to the 36,000 bph history and the renewal with the 36Kbph Grand Seiko line, etc. Really well executed and a pleasure to investigate.

They have all the available Astron GPS plus a travel case full of prototypes for the new ones being introduced later this month. I fell in love with the Titanium SSE003. It is now on a short list of Grails I must get some day.

Great selection of Anantas, Prospex, Grand Seikos, etc. Some Premeir Kinetics and mechanicals too.

Very small store, the size of a dining room or maybe a very large bedroom. That was a surprise. Should be bigger, period.

One Pic below shows a new Marinemaster Automatic that is only available in the USA at the NYC Boutique. They had several models like this that are available in the USA only at this store.

The other pic is a new Ananta line that pays homage to the Japanese Samurai. Notice how the exact curvature of the horns on the Samurai helmet is carefully reproduced on the dial from 5 o'clock to 11 o'clock. You may have to click on the photo to see it better. Really neat. This one in a very nice line of upscale mechanical chronographs, these are the Seiko TC78 movements that are copied for use by Tag Heuer as their Caliber 1887. You don't see these everyday.

This section of NYC has a watch boutique for every brand and a ton of indie jewelers with great watches. Go there and spend some quality WIS time.


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Very cool! Although I couldn't afford many of their high end pieces, it's great to see that Seiko still has the resources and desire to innovate -- and the desire to showcase their innovations. I've bemoaned the reduction in quality in recent years, but I suppose they've just focused that attention on these pieces.
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