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Vintage Seikos for sale - $150 for both

I’ve got a small group of vintage Seikos up for grabs. All prices are shipped, CONUS. Happy to answer any questions; don’t hesitate to ask.

6619-8290 - $150
This handsome fella has the vibe of an Omega Constellation with its fluted bezel. Keeps good vintage time. The back is legible, but very smooth and worn down. Has the “half” quick set function, which works perfectly.

6106-8109 - $100 SOLD
This early Sports diver needs a little love. Has a good case and a cool ghost bezel. Runs, but needs a service. And a crystal. I think this is worth an investment.

7006-7079 - $25 or free with purchase of the 6619
This is just an extra I picked up as part of a collection. The linen dial is cool, and it runs well. And that’s all I got on it.

7s26-3040 - $60 SOLD
Another extra. Got it as part of a trade, but I never wore it. Seems to keep fine time, but I haven’t really invested much time in it.

7A28-703B - $200 SOLD
I just don’t wear this one much. Which is too bad, because it took me a while to dig one up that had exactly the right vintage vibe. It’s a looker. Just replaced the battery. The lower right pusher isn’t working, but I think it can be fixed. It’s never bothered me, because I leave the chrono running. It resets at about the 7 second position.

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