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Since I find there is a diminishing interest in real old Seikoish - Citizen + Orient watches, I mean mainly 60's, not exceeding 70's world widely & there is an enthusiast here, I want to say more about these Orient divers.
Forget about prices, there are just very few sport watches that I truly consider beautiful. The crown guard - less Rolex & these vintage Orient divers are some of them.
These Orient divers had done something very right to make themselves so beautiful & stand out from the rest
1) size -39-40mm is just the perfect size
2) The hands - you cannot find these Mercedes & broad arrow lumed hands in Seiko whereas Seiko's design is a bit industrial with more rectangular shape
3) The fonts - Orient also manged to get these beautiful artistic fonts vs the more "industrial" type in Seiko. The proportion of the font is also excellent that you don't find it Seiko. Eg: The extra bold font of the Preshman diver (below left) closely resembles to the 1st Rolex GMT bezel font, which is very beautiful, IMO.
4) The simple, sloped, fine teeth bezel is just right for the design - make it elegant for a sport watch
5) The frame-less index lume, the multi-facet cut shiny index, the outer chapter dial ring - the design is just magnificent.
6) The lacquer black dial
7) The large crown
Not withstanding there are also some very beautiful 60's Citizen divers, Orient managed to get a very elegant look that embraces the 50's "Art Deco" style which most vintage divers lack.
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