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Vintage Electronic Hi-beat

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Like Seiko, Citizen made electro-mechanical movements for a relatively short while in the mid 60's to mid-70's, before the quartz 'revolution'. In fact Citizen was first to produce this type of watch - battery powered but using a mechanical balance and hair spring - with its X8 Cosmotron. I've just got hold of a 1975 Cosmotron, one of the latest models with the 7804 movement, in pretty good condition, which runs at 36000bph and has a fine adjuster for tuning its timekeeping. Some versions featured a second button at the 8 o'clock position which zero'd the minute hand, giving it a basic chrono function.

Only one pic at the moment, but I think its simple style will make this a favourite of mine:

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This is another 7803 caliber Cosmotron. As mentioned, very underappreciated watches. Solid looks and excellent quality (as long as they work as I assume that they are impossible to find spare parts for) at bargain prices. Note the unusual 3D style dial design and the setting function at 8 oclock.

/ martin
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These I got for next to nothing , unfortunately the X8 ( 4-810015Y ) is a non starter .
My wife likes the gold plate cosmotron ( 7802-870093Y ) so all is good .

best regards Scott.
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Nice clean designs on those. That don't look dated at all. the technology sounds interesting as well.
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