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Vintage Digitals

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Interesting site for lovers of vintage digitals, from ALL our favourite makers, even Orient... be sure to check out the museum section and nerd watch fun pages at the top. Enjoy!.... don't forget to scroll down, some pages look like there is no more to see, like this one!.....

Thanks for all the hard work, mods, got the email today while I'm on actually on leave from work this week, time to read the instructions now, I suppose!

[size=1em]regards, Peter

so many
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Welcome aboard! I edited your seiko pic address so it would show up. 8)
Thanks, Derek, bit fiddly for the uninitiated, but hopefully it has worked now...
We all (well me) have some new "stuff" to find out, but fun and looks good.

ps: My main reason to reply was to see this post jump to the top :-[
Wow and it works, i think this will be a great feature so that interesting posts don't "drop" off off the end of the page. :)
I guess I'll post the first vintage digital here :p
My 1990s St. Moritz ti....back then, the company sourced parts, originally the vanilla strap had come from Italy, parts assembled in Japan, the site had said!...

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Here's a few of my own.

A not so vintage one.

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