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Hello All.

My Dad was given a 0439-5009 in 1976 or 77. He broke the glass on it almost as soon as he got it, but it was still wearable / readable and kept wearing it for about 15 years. Then he stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it. A couple of years ago his house was getting knocked down, so I asked about the watch and found it. I tested it with a new battery and found that it worked okay, so then sent it to a company in Nottingham (Tick King I think they were called) who for a very reasonable price replaced the glass by doing a custom cut. I also then got a new generic Seiko bracelet for it, since the one that was on it was unbranded, and I don't think original.

A couple of questions.

  • Would it be worth sourcing a new original glass and bracelet, and if yes where could I find them?
  • Are instruction booklets available for these - I have the original box, it would be nice to make it all complete?

See photo below - I know the LCD is slightly off, that was me putting the watch back together after making the date and light buttons more responsive. I'll correct it the next time the watch is open.
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