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Vintage Citizen parts??

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We have LOTS of folks here from whom we can obtain Vintage Seiko parts but who is the "Go To" man or persons we can "go to" to obtain parts for Vintage Citizens? Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
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Parts for 1960's / 70's Citizens are hard to find, its also very hard to find part numbers - there just isn't the same info/documentation around that there is for Seiko. I think Borel's might do some Citizen parts, but the best (only!) route to go most times would be to find a donor watch of the same model/movement. That's what I have done a couple of times, once to get the setting mechanism sorted on a Crystal Seven, and once to get a correct crown and second hand for a diver. The other thing you'll need of course is patience!

Good luck on sourcing parts :)

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