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As part of my research into vintage Citizen mechanical and electro-mechanical watches, I have compiled a movement table covering the period 1931 (when Citizen produced thier first wristwatch) to 1974 (when the quartz revolution was taking hold). This was my attempt to fill an apparent gap in the historical information available to English speaking collectors. The table does not cover all models that have been produced using the listed movements, but I have included only those I have so far been able to verify. I will continue to develop the table as verifiable information comes to light, and I welcome any comments or suggestions for inclusion in future revisions. Version 1.2a is now finalised and available - it is in .pdf format and can be printed, but not amended so I can control content and revisions.

The Table has emerged from work I started on a vintage Citizen watch resource / database on Dr. Seiko's Seikoholics site, and future revisions will be available via that site and I will post here to notify of any updates - they can be accessed via this link:



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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