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Hello all, I wonder if anybody on the forum can help...
I recently acquired this excellent Citizen LCD watch model 9010-095014. It had been thrown ito a spares box that I was lucky enough to be given access to!
Initially it didn't work but with a bit of fiddling and cleaning it's back to complete running condition. I have the original strap too - I removed it to work on the watch.
My problem is the missing glass piece that fits over the front of the watch. I assume it's glued onto the narrow metal rim that fits into the case and it must have fallen off at some stage.
Does anybody know where I can get a spare?
I guess I could get one made locally but I'm hoping for an original.
The watch itself is quite quirky in that all the functions are controlled via the winder and it even has a power saving 'off' position to save the battery.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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