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Very upset this evening>

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I was cleaning my car and I accidently caught the watch on the door well guess what the spring bar pinged and the watch fell 1 meter onto a paved driveway.

Anyway's its toast it fell crystal down first and smashed pushed some of the crystal into the hands and dial, watched stopped and it's rooted.

This is the watch that is now toast.

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Thats a shame as that was/is a pretty looking model Mark, I seem to be liking color/glitz more and more as i get older :)
Bummer, Like John said, That is a fine looking timepiece... Do you have a picture of the damage ?
That stinks...I really like that one and remember when you posted it the other week on a WRUW...

Time to make another?
Hi Mark,

This is what I did to my bezel when the markings came off from accidental knocks. Take care, buddy.

Oops, sorry. I read too fast. I thought only your bezel mark came off at 7 O'clock location.
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bad news man sorry :(
Should have taken it off guy, always when doing anything
take watchs off.

Do you have watch medical supplies to fix it again.
That one was very nice and can it be fix yet ?
hope you can get it fixed.
total bummer

:eek:hmy: :undecided: :banghead:
Ouch! I'm sorry to hear that :(
this happens dude....its just an accident. any time piece that has high value, stick in your pants pocket first. don't mean to lecture at a time like this but all of us don't want you to lose a nice watch. accidents suck!!
Well I cleaned out the crystal bits watch and it runs again like a champ, now any Idea on a crystal and are the easy to fit.

Sorry to hear that, Mark. All the best getting a new crystal and fixed.

I'm glad to hear that it seems like there's not mortal injury to the watch (beautiful piece, by the way). Hopefully you'll be able to find a new crystal for it. It really sticks when everything seems to conspire against you at the same time and a cheap $2 Spring bar costs you a lot of heartache.
sorry to hear that but time for a new watch might be..
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