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hi does anyone have any idea of the value of a seiko 7006-8030 in good working condition thankyou
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I think the value of a watch in good working order is determined by availability, original condition of the watch and whether or not it has it's original bracelet. That being said sometimes it boils down to what the buyer looking for that particular model is willing to pay. Do you have any photos of the watch in question?
I know the watch in question very well. There are 4 dial colors: orange, silver, blue, and black. As mentioned, they are not easy to come by in good condition. Original replacement bezels are the hardest to source. Gaskets + crystals are available. The one I've acquired didn't come on an original bracelet but I put a vintage Seiko oyster on it as soon as I received it.

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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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