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Hi, guys.....

Well, this is pretty much the end of the road for Swedefreak. Turns out I've gone and caught a fatal dose of metastasizing Stage IV lung cancer.

Now, as much as I truly appreciate your concern, condolences and very kind wishes, I ask to not be inundated with messages or phone calls. Nine days in the hospital have taken their toll on virtually all of my energy and especially my patience.

I am making every effort to get back on my feet a bit so I can conduct business on a lower level. With a little luck, I hope to be back in my office early next week to at least get some simple orders out. I doubt I will be able to handle orders that require research, which is exhausting even in good health.

In closing let me thank you all for the faith, support and loyalty you have given me these past few years. SCWF is still the best Seiko forum and I hope it will forge ahead in this role.
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Not a lot I can say Jonathan apart from Thanks and the VERY best of luck for the future :(
This is sad news, I'm sorry you are dealing with something like this. If there is anything we can do for you (including letting you rest), please let us know. You've been an integral part of our collectve condition for many years- you're family.
I'm lost for words Jonathan. Concentrate on your quality of life, not crystals, bracelets and watch parts. The very best of luck for whatever lies in store mate.
Jonathan -- your contribution to the Seiko community is immeasurable, and like the others have said, I'm sorry to hear this news. I also share the sentiment that our inquiries for crystals and gaskets are inconsequential compared to your health.

I wish you all the very best.

-Jason W.
There are no words.......Just hang on in there mate !!!
All the very very best :)
damn j,

get as well as you can and as cannop stated earlier, forget the watch stuff! you've always been a great help to me, and most of the forum, and I wish you and your family the best.

<* shark >>><
Wrap your family around you Jonathan, all of us here will be thinking of you mate and sending positive waves your way

my sincere very best wishes and the very best of luck.
it's been said but, watches aren't important now, concentrate on family while you can, all our best wishes. positive vibes, prayer etc are heading your way
I am so very sorry to hear this awful news Jonathan. I wish you the very best in your battle against this terrible disease.

Good luck, Jonathan. There are a lot of people here wishing you the best. I hope with all of my heart that this glandular ca. is a chemo and radio sensible one. Wish you the best, and you'll be in my prayers until I know something good has been done with your disease. Be strong, keep the faith.

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This post is written in perfectly good spanglish
We are all Praying for you Sir

One of the most powerful thing we all can do is practice the
" Power Of Prayer ", for someone. And this is the time to do it.
No matter if you have a belief practice or not. prayer produces
powerful Words that are sent out to the direction we are speaking
too. According to beliefs , ........ " It is said that words were spoken
to bring about what we know as Creation of all things. So we
all now continue to pray for Our Brother in need and look towards a
long life for him.
He has given much, and now it is our time to return such. We lift
him up in many ways to see his life getting better for his benefit
and his family also in their time of need.
Many thanks to you Sir for who you are and what you do.
Aloha and God Bless you Jonathan our WIS Brother.
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Sorry to hear of your situation Jonathan. May the Good Lord bring you and your family comfort in your time of need. I will keep you in my Prayers.

I agree with all the above. Only do the things you really want to do. That's more important than some silly pieces of glass and rubber ;) I hope you've got a long time of quality time with your loved ones.
Blimey Jonathon. I'm stunned to hear this news. I can but wish you all the very best for the future.
Hoping things take a turn for the better for you.
Very sorry to hear that you're ill. Thank you so much for all of your contributions to our hobby. Now please focus all of your energy on yourself as we send you positive energy, good wishes and prayers.
All the best Jonathan
Positive thoughts sent your way, rest and regain your strength.

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