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Recently I posted a Vietnam Military watch I got from one of our partners on this Forum.
The following is the response to the seller's actions towards my
" Vietnam Military Watch Restoration ".
I went about doing all necessary to get it cleaned and going, but ran into
" Balance Wheel Failure ". About Six days ago I saw a ebay posting with a couple movement for sale. I email and inquired about them, got a reply
back asking what I was fixing or restoring if the person might ask.
I said I have a " Original Vietnam Watch ", but not complete because of Balance Wheel failure when I got the movement finally going.
The seller emails me back with this:
" I am Vietnam Vet, U.S. Army and I have two of these since Vietnam and if you need a movement just to complete your venture, send me your mailing address and I will give you the ( Two complete movements),
(One needs a new Balance Wheel ) , for ....... " FREE ".
I'd like to contribute to your watch as another Vet that was there. I will send it out .....Post Free .... and it will be on me. I hope you can get it going, since I had my Two restored and saving them.
Its my pleasure to help another Vet as yourself and also a member of that ...... " Powerful Service Outfit " you belonged too while serving on that " Mekong River Patrol PBR Boat Forces ".
He says you guys assisted us ato the max on that river as we tried to do the same.
I am a ......
" Retired Ex-Black Ponies Huey Chopper Pilot, LTJG. ", living now in Southern California, ...... " Well done Gamewarden , Sir ".

Its my pleasure and honor to assist you now at this time in return ............ " Gamewarden Sir ".
Asking price bid was at .......... ( $88.00 Dollars +3.50 Post ).
He canceled it and sent me another email and gave it to me ...... FREE.
(One or Two more Balance Wheels to go )
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