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The Citizens B741 Diver came in the post this morning early too.
I checked it out and the movement is shot with water damage.
The case, hands and the rest is in good shape. So I had a stashed B741 movement here for my
other Big Carbon Fiber to install, but I used it for this one. So now I have to try and get another
working Echo Drive movement all over again for the Big Carbon Fiber one. I went ahead and did
it so to get I out of the way to continue with the other Military one I have here.

It was my first shot at a Chrono. movement to set the hands and everything else, ( Man was it a real project those settings to do. )

I put it one a Strap and also on a Bracelet to see how it looks . I think it came out quite good.

( Second picture first try. / First picture finish results. ):whatdoyouthink:

Then I did a better brush job on it to look more original and that's the results on the Strap,
but its back on the Bracelet now, and ....Ticking away. Using it to test it today.
Here is the finished results I got done. ( Citizens Echo Drive BJ2050-01E ) ......... B741 -h31519
Now the search all over again for another movement hopefully to be found.
( But for ...... $32.00, Free shipping, who could loose . )

Now still the Two C230's to get going hopefully.


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Thank you, I am finally getting to where I can do the cases better now.
These are not to hard except doing the movements and that's going to stay that way and left
to the watchmaker for now. I tried this one , first time, and it was a little difficult not knowing about it.
Being profitable in finding information to much of it was a benefit doing it.
Now on to my other ones , but still not finding the correct information
will be time consuming, but profitable also.
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