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Unpacking Casio

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Something made by Casio in a black box that used to cost JPY 18,000 (in 1997).

With a fancy metal inner box. As it says Casiotron, something quartz can be expected.


Metal box rather hard to open. Instructions are printed on the box. Not sure it makes things easier.


When the inner box is opened, something gold with a 70s type bracelet and a faceted crystal comes out.


This is a Casiotron Astronox which was a part of a series of remake watches celebrating the original Casiotrons from the 70s. Same styling but with modern machinery and a few extra design tweaks. This one is called the Jupiter 11 named after the Apollo 11 moon lander. The backlight has a moon lander image. It is a good quality watch with the right mix of retro and modern with the 70s design done quite well. All in all, a rather cool watch.


The whole series with some extra info can be found here

/ martin
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Cool find!

That box looks like it could survive a lunar landing.
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