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Many of you know my story with this particular Seiko diver:

I gave this watch to my cousin Frank. He's a klutz with anything mechanical. So he's my cousin through marriage, and I wanted to welcome him to the family with a Seiko automatic. I had given (almost) every male (and a few females in the family) a new Seiko I introduced the family to the world of automatics. In his (lack of) care, it fell 5 feet down from off the top shelf of the bookcase, and onto his ceramic tile floor, but it survived. During Easter dinner, I saw that he wears the watch with the crown unscrewed to the 1st position...he says he likes it that way because he doesn't have to bother with screwing/unscrewing the crown. That INSANE behavior of his, and me witnessing all of it, made me regret the gift so much, that I had to find another one for me, and treasure it more.

So now, let's look closer at this beauty!:

The basics:
Seiko 200M Automatic Diver, SKX Series
ISO Rated Diver
Screw in crown, crown guards
120 click rotating all steel bezel (no inserts), lume pip on bezel
The watch is large! It's 46mm in diameter (w/crown), and 48mm N/S lugs.
It comes in at a whopping 200 grams!
It's 14mm high
Integrated bracelet
Screwed in caseback
Diver's extension
Diver's buckle, signed
Brushed finish, w/12,3,6,9 bezel points high polished
SOLID/contoured & thick bracelet, 1mm beveled/high polished center line design running down the bracelet
HIGH lume, Seiko LumiBrite

Basic 7S26A, Malaysia. Yet, they have been making this watch since 2002, Singapore (the one I gave to my cousin).
21 jewels
Bi-directional winding
21,600 BPH

Seiko Hardlex, domed

Points to make!:
I truly believe that somewhere along the line, this watch got lost among the Monster and Knight craze. The watch is, without a doubt, a combination of the features that are found in the Monsters and Knights. This model shares the same type of hands as the Monster. The lume pip is sweet, as well as the elongated second hand. The markers/indexes are chrome-edged, very reminiscent of the Knight. The dial is a true black, and the calendar panels seem more stark against the black dial.

The SOLID build of the watch truly amazes me, as it is so heavy and well built. I just cannot see it ever coming off your wrist...that's without you removing it.

The lume is on par with the Monsters and the Knights, really bright & strong!

This watch has just about everything going for it. It has been discontinued since 2006, and are relatively difficult to locate. I had been searching for one for some time before I came across this one. I'm always impressed by Seiko, and their attention to detail. They certainly did not skimp on this model. As long as I am around, believe me, the Seiko SKXA33 will not ever fade away into relative obscurity!

Angelis ;)
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