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Hey everyone,

I got this strap from our own UncleSeiko (Larry) a while ago, but could not find a good match - until now. I got this SBBN007 Tuna recently, and the shroud has a matte finish - not brushed like the case of most of my divers.

So the matte hardware matches the shroud very nicely, and I like the overall look of it.
The Strap is comfortable to wear and has a good length for my 18cm (7 1/4") wrist. I guess, 2.5cm (1") more would not be a problem, above that... would work, but look a bit funny when the last ring does not hold anything ;) Absolute maximum is 21.5cm (about 8 1/2").

Here is how it wears:

So the tuna gets a bit of a lift, which is not ideal, considering it is already a watch that sits high on the wrist. But it's not too bad. It holds the watch in the correct position without too much shake.

So - looks and comfort are all right. Now we come to my niggle with this strap:

I did not wear it all too much (had it on my beater 7548 for a while, but wore that combination for a total of 5 times, maybe) - and the reinforced hole I wear it on developed a light fraying on the edge of the rivet. I will have to watch this, as it is not very far developed right now.

Overall: A comfortable strap that has a lot going in the looks department. How it stands the test of time, we will see...

Total disclosure: I won this strap in a raffle. So I did not pay for it, but my review is not influenced by that.

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I can speak from the test of time perspective - the hole rings will eventually fall out however the strap remains usable. I still reallly enjoy mine, and it did only cost $13 so can't expect perfection :)

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