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I found this one on the bay, got it cheap.
Ebay pic:


Minus connection almost rotten away, the module kinda works, but dies after pressing the light button, not enough current flowing through the slivers of remaining metal. Multi layer ceramic circuit board!

Some fiddling with a circuit writer pen. (messy sorry :( )

Other side:

Allright, power issues sorted, now the missing segments. It turned out the metal fiddly bits up and under the lower lcd clamp were in the wrong order. So:

That went well :) So I decided that I as well could see if I could clean the other Citizen I had for years, somewhere in a parts box. It also has a ceramic circuit :) It was filled with peanut butter like battery acid, but it went well :)
It even has a leap year setting!

Allright next....
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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