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Two new arrivals.

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An old school friend, on discovering that I was a bit watch obsessed (her words, not mine, I've no idea what makes her think that :rolleyes:) sent me a couple of watches today. One Japanese, a Seiko, so far so good.

"It was my Dad's. Only an old SQ, so worth diddly. I'd rather you had it than it sit in a box forever " she said. I thanked her and said I would be pleased to look after it for her.

Then she said "He was wearing it when he died". :eek:mg:

As he died in a glider accident, resulting in a fall of 300 feet, I wondered what sort of state it was in. Although the battery has since died, it was apparently unscathed. Testament to the ruggedness of a good old worth diddly Seiko ! Update when I've cleaned it up and got a new battery for it.

7N43-6001 S/No. 67xxxx ('86 or '96 ?)

That one was a freebie.

The other one I am buying from her. Appears to just need a new strap.

1974 Hamilton 6bb

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A good reputation is more valuable than gold. Enjoy the new pieces, especially that Hamilton.
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