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Was looking at ebay the other day and saw these.
The seller said Not working , Broken, won't fuss
with them, so selling them.
Took a shot, Hit the Button, got them for a good
deal too.
C230 Aqualand- Promaster case Backback,
Dead-Dirty, ...........
New Battery, Cleaned, running Great
B741 Echo Drive ..... Dirty, Dead, Broken Stem
New Battery, Cleaned, new Stem.... Now running Great
They came as a ....Lot.
Nike x 2, Diesel x 1.... New batteries, cleaned
Now running good. The wife stole the Diesel.

Thank you Ebay


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I got those Two Aqualands going last night so they are doing great.
I keep looking for more old cases or watchs and try to get them.
That's all I can do is look, but I find some and get lucky too.
Aloha Sir
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