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Two month old Seiko Prospex Green "Capatin Willard" SBDC111 movement failing !!!

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My morning didn’t start out so good because after deciding to wear my Green Captain Willard SBDC111 I have only owned for two months is not working properly 😩. I set it after winding the crown 15-20 turns like normal and put it on my wrist and noticed the second hand stopped. I gave the crown a few more turns and started working again then randomly my watch would stop running and gave it the Seiko shake to get it started again.
I reached out to Gnomon Watches and sent a message asking if they will replace it🙏🏻!
Anyone here experience buying a brand new Seiko and the movement stop working after a couple of months :unsure:? Very frustrating and hope I can get it replaced! Now the waiting game begins to hear back from the seller. I never had any issues with the G-Shocks I've owned over many years like this.:cautious:
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After two months it may be a warranty claim, my guess anyway. Before sending it off I would make sure it has daily wear for at least a week, min 4-6 hours each day, then see how it behaves, just my 2 cents.
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