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Two month old Seiko Prospex Green "Capatin Willard" SBDC111 movement failing !!!

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My morning didn’t start out so good because after deciding to wear my Green Captain Willard SBDC111 I have only owned for two months is not working properly 😩. I set it after winding the crown 15-20 turns like normal and put it on my wrist and noticed the second hand stopped. I gave the crown a few more turns and started working again then randomly my watch would stop running and gave it the Seiko shake to get it started again.
I reached out to Gnomon Watches and sent a message asking if they will replace it🙏🏻!
Anyone here experience buying a brand new Seiko and the movement stop working after a couple of months :unsure:? Very frustrating and hope I can get it replaced! Now the waiting game begins to hear back from the seller. I never had any issues with the G-Shocks I've owned over many years like this.:cautious:
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Sorry to hear of your troubles with the new Willard diver. I am sure Gnomon will make it right or refer you to Seiko Service Center for repair under warranty. Anything mass produced like cars and watches can suffer from quality control issues or failure. One of the reasons manufacturers provide warranties. I am confident Seiko will make it right for you and sorry for your hassles. Be kind in your approach and I am sure Gnomon or Seiko will expedite your repairs.
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