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Tungchoy curved lugs

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So awhile back I bought a nice 22mm SS oyster bracelet. I wanted to find some curved lugs for it. In searching around I found out this is a Tungchoy Super Oyster. So I anxiously contacted them to see about ordering some curved lugs.


"Hello Stephen, Thanks for your inquiry, since, may we have your previous order for quick reference, as we currently do offer spare parts for return buyers only, please kindly advise, thank you! Please feel free to let us know if you need any further assist. Find more on TUNGCHOY. Have a nice day! Regards, Tungchoy team, Stella"

So does anyone have some SKX007 curved lugs for this bracelet?
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Steven that's all she said ?
She did not inquire about if you needed those end links or anything else ?
My goodness how would you know about getting them.
Well This is why this Forum is here they know more then
" Tung Choy or Stella " does .

By the way Stephen, nice Aqualand.
it wont work because the Aqualand watch has the back case design that
will prohibit the use of the slip over clips on many bracelets.
Look at the Lug area and do you see the extra case lip going to the case back cover , that is why many don't fit.
Its like those Bulova Marine Star watchs, and some of the newer ones from Seiko. Like those Solar Chronos,
and the fat lug case's. I had that problem with mine, it has a self locking , really tight fit for the bracelets.
Also like some of those 100m echo drive dress watchs have. The Lug link is made not to move at all for the bracelet.
Removing the locking TAB's will make it insufficient to use and it will not hold right.
Some Aqualand watchs are like that.
Some bracelet are sorta Molded fit to the watch heads. I have to look around finding the right link for mine.

I have couple of Jonathans Bracelets here , but cant match a curve link for it, so it is using a straight link .
Picture attached.


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On this promaster aqualand I think the curved lugs/end links will work.
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Better option dump the oyster and buy the bracelet that goes with the watch
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Better option dump the oyster and buy the bracelet that goes with the watch
Couldn't Agree More...It's only Proper...
:iagree:, Like mine , it came with original bracelet.
I like the " Originality " most.


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Indeed. Thanks for the input LongBike
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