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Hi all,

Just received this baby from Trading board. Thanks to who you know who you are.

4S15 Alpinist 4S15-6000 black dial. I received it all original but head only so I put a velcro strap from Yobokies on it. The strap is signed Seiko but I don't think it is Seiko OEM. I squeezed 20mm fat bars into this baby's 19mm lugs and these bars are fixed like soldered on bars. Good for a long while while I hunt for a suitable bracelet for it.

This 4S15-6000 is petite like 36mm across excluding the crown. On my 7-1/4" wrist presence is great. This Alpinist has a cyclop on the crystal, that I actually am not offended. Maybe it is because the cyclop size is rather big compared to what I see from other watches.

I am sure 4S15 will run great too :)

Here you go - fresh from the package and with velcro:


1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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