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Received an unexpected email the other day, off our resident machinist and Seiko fan, TheTigerUK (John), explaining that he'd machined a 7C43 case for a TST mod, but in the process knicked the stem tube with the cutter, but not the threads and still passed a pressure test, and would I be interested in the case as I like the 7C43 model and at a reduced price due to the stem tube. Pictures were attached, and as usual I could see the high standard of work John produces, but alas, pocket money spent and all spares invested in projects, I had to decline (reluctantly). The thought of getting into another 7C43 project filled me dread :) as well.
Cut a long story short, John offered to gift the case with acetal shroud for nothing, and that I could swap one of my existing movements into the case as I pleased. I was gob smacked to say the least, and accepted the offer, obviously, but would understand if he changed his mind.
Monday arrived with a knock on the door, and there was the parcel. Here are some pics of when it arrived...

Came nicely wrapped, and slightly oily from the tooling oil I think, so gave her a wash. Damage to the stem can be seen but has no effect on crown operation.
It's the JDM case as it's click ball model, which makes finding a bezel an easier task. Stripped down my donor donor watch (a 7C43 that was bought in bad shape, no bezel, crystal retainer rusted to case, hands somehow damaged, to replace the damaged movement parts of my dad's 7C43).
Here's the movement

Still works though, despite the broken bits.
Heres everything ready...

Stained and a missing marker on the chapter ring.

Front side of case built up (below). Little tip for those that don't know, the H558 case back opening lugs are the same as the 7C43 crystal retainer, there was/is a tool on the bay for Arnie case back but works for the 7C43.

Arnie tool is the lower of the two, top one is normal Seiko caseback opener.

Movement and crown fitted

Antimagnetic shield/battery holder in

No original bezel, so a 6309 bezel has been used, it's not correct and no positive click is heard when installing, more gasket friction holding it on, but usable . New AM insert fitted.

And finally, the all important and case changing shroud...

Well here it all is, and to think I'd never think I'd ever own a TST, especially in a 7C43 case. Needless to say, these are amazing and I'm already planning mods (when pocket money is sufficient). A big and warm thank you to John for his generosity and great skills. This case will forever be treasured!

This has been written with all my own opinions from what I've found out through "tinkering" with watches.

Regards, David

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And here he is with his brothers

From left to right
1990 7C43 7010 JDM (my daily wearer)
1986 7C43 7000
1986 7C43 TST (JDM Case)
1986 7C43 700A (Dad's original diver)
1989 7C43 7000 (Korean)

I read that the bi directional bezel set up was an early case design, but my examples of uni directional bezels are earlier. All have a 3 year gap between year made and battery change, apart from the Korean made one, that only has a year.

Regards, David
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