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I posted the Olive Oil, it should work.

I posted the .... " Olive Oil " . You have to clean the strap real
good. I use ......... " DAWN " dish liquid.
NOTE: Do not use ....... " Tooth Paste on straps because it has (Fluoride )and it will
crack the straps. )
( Use a good scrub brush. )
What has to be done is :
You can just ........ ( Rub It On )
If to old and stiff do this also.
Use some thongs to hold the strap for dipping the strap.
Use very, very low ..... " CONTROLED HEAT ".
Don't let the oil get ( Boiling Hot),because it will cause the strap to get hard and to crispy.
Boil it in a very, very, slow way (Dipping It.... into the Olive oil )........
Don't drop it into the oil and let it stay in it,
( You control the boiling by touching the oil as you do it, if it get hot
and you cant touch the oil, turn down the heat, wait a little while, and repeat the process till it gets hot again.
Repeat this for a .......... ( Couple times as you want the Stiffness to be
done on the strap. )
You can test the ......... " softness as it boil's as you go,
but ........
( Do not place it in cold water after you boil it, it will cause it to
crack later on. )
After you do all that you can .......... " Rub the same type of oil on to
it as you use the watch . It should give it a very clean new look when done and all that's needed is an ( Occasional wiping ) to maintain its looks.
Olive Oil works great on any ......( Leather ) too but ....."Occasional rubs" ,because it will ..........
( Over soften ) it to much.
NOTE: My friend the Chemist told me that the original Seiko straps have a lot of
( Original Rubber in them. ) So that's why they seem to last long and are ply-able
for many years he would say.
He says testing the Poly straps they resist many ....." Treatment Chemicals " ,
because it is ( NON - POROUS ) to except the chemicals used. )
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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