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Traser Ladies Diver - Tritium quartz, 200M, yellow/black, SS case

The ladies diver by Traser is such a loud, cool looking watch, I had to have it. It's advertised as unisex, but as you can see from the pictures, if you have thick wrists, you might be on the last hole in the band adjustment. I have average wrists and there's not much left. The band is sized for a woman's wrist for sure.

I have two Trasers, a P6506 Military Commander Titanium with NATO strap and this one. I like them both. As you might expect from a piece in the $300-400 price range, the minute markings and bezel markings and second hand don't always line up precisely. (Now I'm talking nit-picky perfect under magnification.) But that kind of thing doesn't bother me when it does everything else so well.

The P6506 Commander glows a bit brighter. Maybe the H3 tech tritium tubes are a little larger. Still, this yellow diver is an easy read in the dark. I don't think I will ever go back to a wristwatch that doesn't offer the convenience of H3 technology. It seems to come in handy so often that I'm sure I would be annoyed within a days time if I were trying to get along without it. I can't say the contrast of hands to dial on this watch, in daylight, is as good as the Commander. I'll be looking to see how good it stands out in a variety of conditions, with the exception of darkness, where it really shines. (Pun intended.)

The rubber strap of this ladies diver smells pretty strong, but then again it's new. But it's not an objectionable odor. Kind of reminiscent of a swimming pool liner. I have to admit it's the strap that sold me. I love the faux links they molded into it, and the black/yellow/black stripe set against the watch itself looks great. It's also pretty comfortable, not sticky, and I know comfort because the 6506 with that nylon strap feels like nothing, literally. I usually wear my watches on the underside of my wrist, and this diver also kind of "disappears" in terms of awareness that it's on, when I wear it this way, just like my Commander.

The tritium is in two colors, blue on numbers 1-11, yellow on the three hands, 12 and bezel. This is different than the P6506 which is glows green with orange accents. The crystal is of mineral and is advertised as extremely scratch resistant.

The second hand, when watched closely, sometimes "wobbles" a bit, meaning it doesn't come to a dead stop after every tick. Most, but not all. This doesn't affect its accuracy though. It's extremely accurate, as you would expect from a quartz movement. (Swiss, Ronda 715)

The date window could be bigger, but it is what it is. The bezel is uni-directional and the detent is ferocious. It's highly unlikely you could ever rotate it by accident. I also like how its bezel markings are enhanced and painted yellow as opposed to white from 20 down to zero.

Pulling the screw-down crown out all the way hacks it to a stop.

This is a loud style, still I find it very tasteful personally.

[url=;topic=15915.0;attach=13413][img] TLD_band01.jpg
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