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TRADED: Seldom seen 1997 SKX011K (non-JDM SKX011) in VGC - offers invited. In UK

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TRADED I fancied an SKX011 and was able to pick up a seldom seen K version (I believe these were only available for a couple of years in the mid-90s prior to the J version becoming the standard) - as some of you may know I have an irrational dislike of the jewel count on JDM dials. As it turns out the orange dial is slightly lighter in colour than the current JDM version so I ended up buying an SKX011J for comparison purposes, which I prefer due to the darker orange (can even live with the jewel count for now!).

The watch, which I believe dates from 1997, is in very good, entirely unmolested condition with visible swirlies, a small ding at 9:30 and 3 short hairline scratches to the crystal, all of which I have taken pains to photograph. Original bezel insert looks good and is a more coppery gold than on the SKX011J. The watch was slightly grimy when it arrived and I have only surface cleaned it. The bezel and crown should really be removed for a more thorough clean as the bezel is slightly stiffer than on my new SKXs and the crown does not quite screw home (given the condition of the watch I am pretty confident this is due to gunk rather than corrosion - the crown threads that I can see look pristine). I will supply it on a nice orange stitch rubber strap that my nearly-new SKX011J came on. I have posted a photo of both together to show difference in dial colour. As you can tell I like to make sure there are no surprises on arrival, so buy in confidence. Any other questions please PM me.

Things I'm interested in, trade wise (with necessary cash adjustments) :

The SARB range

Anything from 1985

Vintage Divers (I have enough 6309s though)

Mil watches

Auto Chronos

Vintage steel-cased Tissot Seastars

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