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For trade (or sale) I have this Seiko Stargate project. All I did was install the hands from s Seiko SNZH55 because I thought it would look good with the shape of the current chrome markers.

The watch is in excellent condition as you can see from the photos. It will come with the rubber strap pictured which is also in excellent condition.

The Stargate is part of the Seiko Superior and it is about 44mm wide with 22mm lugs. Think of a slightly smaller version of the Seiko Sumo and slightly larger then the SKX modesl in terms of dimensions.

I think that a fair trade value for this unique project would be around $235, I am looking for a trade for something with similar value, however I could either add or receive some cash for watches worth more or less. I would prefer to trade for some Seiko watch but I am open to many different options. I would love a trade for a Casio PRW2600 for example, or maybe PRW5050, or similar. Of course open to sale as well for the above or for the best offer.

Please excuse any dust spec or lint on the pics.

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