Hi Everybody,

This watch has been traded to a guy on Reddit.

This is a modified Tactical Frog. These are pretty slim-cased, but i modified it by
shaving down the height of the side walls, this can only be noted by the elegance
if shows on the wrist, and also by the profile of the sidewall edge when viewed from
the back. On the wrist, it just looks beautiful. This is pretty close to a Doxa 300 in
the way that it wears ( um, i have one of those, and i enjoy having beater divers,
too. ) Here are the dimensions of this watch : 12.8mm thickness including crystal,
11.6mm without the crystal , 42.3mm case width, 44.1mm lug-to-lug. It compares
well to the Doxa in all dimensions besides that 11.6mm dimension, on the Doxa 300
that would be 1mm less.

This watch has a genuine Seiko 011 dial and Seiko hands, needless to say, but it
has that excellent Seiko Lume. The orange paint on the rotating bezel picks up on the
dial perfectly, likewise the black paint on the dial and hands picks up on the inner,
non-rotating bezel. Lume on this watch is better than on any Doxa, unless you get
your Doxa relumed ( like i did :)

The Tactical Frog bracelet is the last one that i have, it belongs to this watch, but
i gave it some extra links, so this watch will fit any wrist up to 8-1/2". Check out
that side view. You are going to love this one on your wrist, it just fits so well, so
this will be a pleasant surprise to those accustomed to chunky divers.

All mechanical work was done by Duarte Mendonca, he's done meticulous and perfect
work, as usual. The watch was professionally assembled by him, and the case, caseback,
and bracelet were all bead-blasted by him. Bead blasting these Hong Kong watches really
helps them out, they read much more as tool watches, much less as hommage bling. But
shoot, i had Duarte bead-blast my Doxa, too, i am an equal-opportunity tool lover.

Ok, well, clearly i love this watch, and i do. But when this one sells, i'll be down to 32
watches, my goal is 30. And, i have a black cased 007 dialed tac. frog, a Doxa hommage
tac frog with a dial by Kent, A yellow zimbe tac frog, and a gorgeous Seiko 6106-7470 with
an oem Seiko 011 dial, that John Sachs was kind enough to straighten out for me after it got
lost in a snow bank up here for a few months. How many 011-dialed divers do i need ?
Just one :)

Condition is excellent, watch is relatively unworn, it has been pressure teated and swim
tested. The bead-blasting in essentially new, and i always find bead-blasted watches to
age better than any others.

This watch has been Traded, and it's gone.

This is a one-of-a-kind watch for guys like me who don't want to be wearing what every
body else is wearing. I am asking $175 net for this one, i think that's cheap if you look at
what's gone into it, but i am open to any reasonable offers.

Thanks for looking, and thanks to TheWatchSite.