Hi Everybody,

this watch has been traded, and is gone.

i went overboard with chronographs lately, looking for the right one.
This one is pretty exceptional, it is outstanding for it's legibility, price,
modernity, and ergonomic design. I have a review of this watch on
TheWatchSite, please check it out if you like.

Check out that 4th picture, the one that looks like the mothership has
landed :) See all that daylight under the caseback? That's what makes
this watch fit to the wrist so beautifully. Unfortunately, the standard strap
that comes with it fills much of that space with two plies of thick nylon,
but if you can configure a strap so that it's got two plies north and south
of the watch, but nothing under the caseback, then this thing will just
stay put on your wrist so beautifully. I have a cheapest nato mn type of
strap that i have configured this way, i'll include it with the watch but
it will only accomodate up to 7-1/2" or so. It's black with a thin orange
stripe down the center.

I ordered this watch with the 3 dial set-up, the third being an hour
counter, this is employing the Seiko VK67 movement. legibility of the dial
and hands is unsurpassed, and the lume is really excellent, Seiko quality
or better. It holds a charge and is clearly visible all through the longest
night. Best of all, the chrono hands are all lumed.

The bullhead design is just a thing of beauty, and the slopes north and south
of the dial begin their descent less than 40mm apart. Bezel width is 37.4mm,
Case width is 39.8mm, this is all quite reasonable. Lug-to-lug is 53.5mm, and
that's the weird dimension, but don't let that fool you, as much of it is sloping
down towards the wrist. On the wrist, it wears like a 40mm watch. Thickness
is a svelte 11.8mm without a nato, again i would strongly advide you to check
out the Erika MN strap configuration that leaves the caseback flush on the

I searched the entire watch in bright sunshine for any scuffs or polished spots,
but found none. People tend to react to the term "mint", so i'll stick with
"excellent" instead. You won't be disappointed.

This watch has been traded, and is gone.

I am asking for this watch $245.
These are sold out, and if they were available, there'd be the overseas shipping
to wait for. This is a full kit, plus, and i'll send it out within 24 hours. I am
including domestic shipping to all 50 states in the price, shipping is about $10,
so i'm asking that you chip in for any postage above that cost, and i would send
it pretty much anywhere, then.

Thanks for looking, and thanks to TheWatchSite.