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Authored by Tokunaga

Question: From Mark-san


Thank you very much for being a part of the Seiko watch forum and for taking time from you busy schedule to read my email. I am a collector of Seiko dive watches, I have 8 or 9 of them. My favorite is the 1000m Quartz - it is a very cool watch.

My question is this - when the crown is screwed into the watch after setting, I find that I have to be very careful to engage the threading on the crown. It feels like the crown is threaded into titanium - it is a little "grindy" - not smooth like some of the other dive watches.

Several other owners of this watch have mentioned the same thing.

Is the any chance of damaging the threads or stripping out the crown ?

Thanks again Tokunaga-san for taking my question and best wishes.


Thank you very much for having and loving SEIKO professional 1000m diver's watch for a long time.

This highest professional diver�fs watch have been producing from 1986, and original professional 600m quartz diver�fs watch had been produced from 1978, and first professional 600m mechanical diver�fs watch had been produced from 1975, and a lot of Japanese watch magazines have praised these watches, as being described in my web site [ ], and those watches were introduced in English languages very precisely on this forum by Mr. Ryan; as

�gEnd Of Summer Seiko Diver's Watch Maintenance
< >�h on September 19th and as
�gThe Secret Inside Seiko Professional Diver Watches
< > �h on October 22nd .

Concerning the question about crown portion of this watch, I have a suggestion that you might notice the threads of the outer portion of the crown and the inner side threads of the case precisely.

As you know pure titanium is a little softer than stainless steel. This case is made by TiN(titanium nitride[Hv=1600�`1800]) plated pure titanium[Hv=140�`160], and the crown is made by TiN plated stainless steel[Hv=160�`200]. And pure titanium is a material hard to cut in machine processing, therefor the threads portion have a little bit rough surface than that of stainless steel.

You had better to lock the crown slowly not to damage the threads portion of the case, and in case of the strong locking against well-meeting of both threads, or against the presence of the small sands or hard grains on the threads portion of the crown, there comes the damage of the threads of the screw down crown structure.

And another suggestion is cleaning-up the crown portion; first of all you have to rinse the portion by sinking into the pure water during half a day to take off the salt stuck by your sweat or seawater, and wipe out the portion and then use grease a little at the threads of the outer portion of the crown or the inner side threads of the case and clean up the surface of the threads portion of both parts by locking and unlocking operations in twice or three times.

And if your 1000m diver�fs watch will be damaged unfortunately in any case, please contact to the SEIKO Service Center of your country as soon as possible. And last of all, I would like to say again [The watches are living machines and they wanted to be cared from their lovely owner with heart-full mind every day.] Please love your professional 1000m diver�fs watch for ever. Thanks again. And I hope to see you again on this forum.

Sincerely yours.

Ikuo Tokunaga

Ikuo Tokunaga

Picture credit: Seiko
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