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Authored by Tokunaga

Could you explain the purpose of the two adjusters on the 7C46 movement?
One is marked + and one is marked -. How are these used to adjust the rate of the movement?


The markings (+) and (-) are for the purpose of time accuracy adjusting.
It needs a special technique to do this, you can do the following process.

(1)Confirm the appropriate pattern to be cut over the antimagnetic shield plate.
(-) pattern : to lose approximately 0.26 sec./day
(+) pattern : to gain approximately 0.26 sec./day
(2)Take off the antimagnetic shield plate.
(3)Cut the pattern on the circuit block.
(4)Remove the sludge completely.

Ikuo Tokunaga

Ikuo Tokunaga

Picture credit: Seiko
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