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To restore or not to restore...

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Hello Gents,

I know there are different schools of thought on restoration so I was hoping to get opinions from the experts. I've had this 6217-8001 for quite a while and haven't done anything with it. I think it's time. The case isn't in too bad condition and the movement is okay. The date wheel is stained. It's the dial that I am most concerned. It is in pretty rough shape. I go back and forth on restoring it. What do you guys think? Restore, replace, or leave it alone... Thanks!

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If you don't have a set of matching hands I'd replace it but if you do leave as is. It's completely original and looks like it's never been messed with. Don't polish the lume frames as you'll only end up brassing them. In my experience if you go down the restoration route no matter who takes it on it will never end up being completely correct. If that doesn't bother you then restore it but I know what I'd rather see.
Make sure they replicate the sunburst pattern on the dial finish!
Probably because they can't would be my bet. I'd explicitly instruct them to replicate it and see what they say. I'd also ask for the lume frames to be rechromed.
1 - 3 of 53 Posts
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